Do I need to tell my support coordinator why I’m changing?

Not unless you want to give them feedback. It’s your choice to use the provider you want. There’s no need to explain or justify your decision.

Do I need to tell the NDIS or my Local Area Coordinator (LAC)?

If you’ve used a support coordinator in your current plan, then you already have funding for support coordination. You don’t need to contact the NDIS or your LAC as there’s nothing they need to update or amend. It’s as simple as choosing a NDIS support coordination provider that you want to use.

Why would I change support coordinators?

Not all support coordinators are the same and no two individuals are the same. You’ll want to find a support coordinator that suits your needs and expectations depending on what’s most important to you.

Do I have to wait until my NDIS plan is reviewed to switch?

You can switch support coordinators any time you like. If your current support coordinator isn’t meeting your expectations, find one that will.

What if I don’t have support coordination, how do I get it?

You’ll need to ask the NDIS to review your plan. We can assist you in that process.

How long does it take to transition?

This depends on your current support coordinator and the service agreement you have with them. Generally, there will be a notice period that will need to be served out. We will work together with your current support coordinator to ensure the smoothest transition.



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