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About NDIS Support Coordination

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NDIS Support

The main job of a support coordinator is to help NDIS participants to better understand the range of supports included in their plans; help them to forge connections with community and government services; and help them to create an environment in which they can develop the skills needed for independence.Specifically, support coordinators negotiate with support providers on participants’ behalf, and see that service agreements and bookings are fulfilled. ​Support Coordination is an NDIS funded support designed to assist

you to better understand your NDIS plan and how you can best use it to put the supports and services you need to live your best life without limitations from disabilities. Complete Care are specialized in offering support coordination for Psychosocial Disabilities and have experience with Mental Health as well as helping you understand your plan, accept it and find the right services that will accomplish goals towards your recovery. We take time getting to know you and matching you with the right provider that you can relate and work well with, specific to your needs. Complete Care Coordination can guide you throughout your first plan and assist you to prepare for your future plan renewals, reviewing your progress with reviewing your plan at 8 weeks and 9 months after your plan start date.